Week 2: Ontology languages for the Semantic Web

We read: Ontology languages for the Semantic Web: A never completely updated review (

[Fetched excellent free food from downstairs; discussion starts at 2.30pm]

Paper is quite outdated, so describes some things that are fairly dead.

Cyc is huge, but not just a big clusterfuck of data, it's structured.

(Discussion of state of our projects)

Problems are good; if we're not finding problems that need solving our projects aren't hard enough.

(Discussion of yesterday's How to do a PhD in Informatics course)

We will start each week explaining our projects to each other to practice articulating our ideas etc.

Problems with centralised social networks (and why we don't trust facebook) and interesting solutions around decentralised social networks.

Can decentralised social networks only work if a big company (like Google) gives them a push?  Why would a big company promote something like that if they can't get money or personal data out of it..?  Read this and this for interesting pro-decentralised social network discussions.

Talking about equal rights, free speech and big brother society sort of stuff.

Amy thinks everyone should just BE NICE.

Michael is bothered by things not connecting to the real world.  He's working in grounding ontologies or abstract informatics-y stuff in the real world, and making sure we don't float off into the clouds.

Amy should find out about machine learning, just in case.  Michael and Paolo think that's a useful thing to be good at.. (but not easy)

Discussion end at 4.30pm
Next week (Wednesday 21st, 9.30am):

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